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3D Structure Design


  • Hi-precision
  • Pre-treatment simulation
  • Exact dosage planning
  • pre/after treatment result tracking

3D Facial Design is the future of all injection based and energy based treatment planning. With systemic treatment planning and the individualized aesthetic design, the certified experienced Heos Aesthetic Consultants can truly give our clients the best treatment plans there are.  

What is 3D Facial Design?

3D Structure Design is a new concept of aesthetic facial design. This concept helps us to maximize the results of fillers, ultherapy, and other energy-based skin-tightening treatments for the best results.

How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional design consultation based purely on the aesthetic understanding of the consultant , by utilizing the advanced 3D facial mapping technology of the Vectra H2 Imaging system, we’ll be able to combine the analyzed data with the 3D facial model, and then provide our clients with their individualized facial design. 

The Process

1. Evaluation

2. Treatment

3. Support

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